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Jan 10, 2013 7:00am PST
(sr'g earth. >> &os angeles police officer zvin the right place atç the ÷úright çtime. how safety measures zvled to a quick g#arrest after shots were fired ymnear a ymschool. >> and another çreally zvcold morning. paulson said it'll çget colder real çsoon. we will tell you ymwhere there will çbe freeze warnings. >> ym çgood zvmorning. low traffic. u! ç . >>> los angeles htpolice arrest a ma$ñaccused ÷úof firing a gunç near an elementary ÷úschool. shots were fired on çtuesday úout at pico union ÷úelementary. nobody ÷úwas hurt. the 19-year-old suspect ,y%ñ quickly arrested by a çpolice officer who ymwas assigned to trschools in the wake of ç the ym(jját(ur(uá school shooting. to take him into ç custody only feet from v:the ç school where we çhad children y fter daycare setting. the shooting appears to çbe gaú related. this is the first v:week la sc$ols have increased çpatrols and required officgr&ñto make stops at every çelementary school at least çonce a ymday. >> ko zvworkers at ÷újuvenile h say they çaren't safe. that their ç
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1